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All About Moving in Scottsdale

David Torres-Evans of Taurus Moving in Scottsdale, Arizona, has moved thousands of times and prides his company on the experience it has in helping people get settled in their new homes. Read on to learn more about the world of moving, packing, and storage.

What to do If Your Arizona Move is Last-Minute

Sometimes you have a month to get ready to move, but sometimes you only have a week. Here are a few tips on what to do when you have to plan a last-minute move

What to Know About Moving in a Dry Climate

Living in a dry, warm climate has its advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes to planning a move. Here are few suggestions for moving in a dry climate.

Why Packing Services are Worth the Extra Charge

Moving can be a pricey affair, especially when valuable items get broken. That's why paying for professional packing services might be the best way to go.

How to Make Sure Your Arizona Mover Wont Charge You Hidden Fees

Planning and executing a move can be extremely stressful. While hiring a moving company can lift some of the burden, some people worry about hidden fees involved. Follow these tips to avoid any extra charges.

How to Prepare Your Artwork for A Big Move In Scottsdale

Your precious pieces of art are an important part of making your new space personal. But moving them can easily ruin the fabric of what makes your artwork special. Here are a few tips on how to protect your artwork during a move.

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